Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips To organize your fridge properly

It is a fact that improper food storage will have a negative impact on its flavor, and the benefits will enormously reduce.
We will discuss some of the tips by which one can maximize the potential for grocery haul and save money by avoiding food spoilage, which ends up in the bin.
The way one organizes food in the refrigerator determines his eating habits. It is seen a lot of people waste their precious time in looking for things that always seem to vanish in the clutter.
It is important to give your refrigerator proper attention which it deserves. Initially, one needs to set the unit temperature right for its long life.  An ideal temperature inside the unit is between 0°C and 4°C and freezer should have -18°C.

Generally, most of the latest refrigerators come with an internal temperature monitor panel, however if appliance doesn’t have it one can buy a thermometer and mount it in his fridge to obtain proper readings to temperature.

Next tip is not to overload the fridge. According to healthy food protocol the fresh items need refrigerating within 2 hours of purchase, and this is only possible when the fridge is not overloaded. Mostly, during festivals or holidays when people do get together and enjoy parties it is seen there is lot food stored in a fridge.

In such situations the air inside unit needs proper circulation for the smooth working, but this process is made difficult due to lack of space, so experts recommend only necessary and fresh purchasing of food. For excessive frozen food one should rely on stand-alone freezer.

It is advised that one should put foods in their proper place. A refrigerator can keep groceries and dairy items fresh for several days; however, it can’t maintain their goodness forever. A fridge slows down the bacteria growth, but it doesn’t stop it.

Next the common usage stuff needs to be placed in front so that one can easily find and use it. If the fridge has not humidity- controlled drawers, then it’s a blessing in disguise because you can virtually place anything in them. Thus, one can put soda in the drawers and fresh dairy products on the top of it. In this way, the uncommon items remain, out of sight and lot of precious time is saved.

One also needs to maintain the fridge rotation, means after each grocery shopping; the older items must move to front so that they should be used before new items and there isn’t any risk of its spoilage.

Now we’ll see how to organize the shelves and drawers. Eggs must be placed where the temperature is consistent and there isn’t any fluctuation, so middle shelf is proper for them.

Milk is often placed on top shelf, although it should be placed on the back to the coldest section. A bottom shelf is a perfect place for the packaged raw meat because if juice dips, it won’t contaminate the whole refrigerator. As the fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a longer period of time so high, humidity zone is perfect for them.

Moreover, it is advised to leave them unwashed until usage because water can promote the mold which will eventually result in bacteria growth.