Friday, December 13, 2013

What your fridge says about you?

Let't forget about repairing a refrigerator for a while... The kitchen is said to be the public face of the home and Fridge is a one of the most important private as well as a shared part of your kitchen. It is not that certainly accurate to judge someone on the basis of what is inside their fridge or how is the appearance of their Fridge.  
But as a matter of fact, a Fridge says a lot about personality. It speaks for its owner and psychology and nature of family living in a house. Checking Fridge’s premise is the easiest way to look into someone’s core character and traits.  External appearance as well as inside condition of the fridge reveal the persona to great extent.  
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The first thing to be noticed is certainly the exterior of Fridge. Minor colorful magnetic articles used for fridge decorations show your keen interest in fridge d├ęcor and your love to imbue your giant appliance with colors.
The next thing is the hygiene of your fridge. Dirty handprints, greasy or messy stuff stuck to the door or to the handles of Fridge show the careless side of the owner and gives a bad impression to the mind of observer. Same is the case with inside of the fridge.

Rotten food items, spilt milk, beverages or dripped sauce’s dried residues leave bad impact and also creates bad odor which definitely penetrates in other food items making them smelly too.
Leftovers, precisely & tightly packed in food savers, one onto another shows the economic and food respecting nature of a person who knows enough that how to reuse them in next few days or how to create a new dish out of those miscellaneous leftovers.

Fridge hoarded with half-opened seals, ready-to-eat stuffs, almost empty cans of fruit, corns and vegetables with a spoon in them, deli items, beverages, some bottles of beer or energy drinks is definitely under the use of a bachelor, who doesn’t take much stress about taking his meals and randomly picks something to eat and fills his stomach at any time of day or at the middle of the night.
The maximum he can do is to nuke something in a microwave for some minutes or to fry some eggs, chicken breast, couple of steaks or some frozen food product. Wine-rack space occupied with too much alcohol shows that person is a regular drunkard and does not remain much in his senses….oops.
A Refrigerator well-organized & stacked with exotic & colorful spices and herbs taken from different countries tell the story of the travelling side of your personality.

Seeing all kind of vegetables, fresh herbs or tropical fruits not only loaded in the food section but also in the normal shelves, spicy chutneys and pickles refer the vegetarian living style of a person.
A body-builder or protein or meat lover would love to pile his fridge up with steaks, boneless, kebabs. Whereas, skimmed milk, diet cokes, low-calorie spreads make a different image altogether and show way too much of a calorie detester.

Sufficient bottles of spreads, mayonnaise, sauces, double cream, cheese slices or peanut butter are an affirmation of your nutritiously careless eating habit.
Frozen dinners, readymade pizza crusts, ice-creams, readymade salsas, pre-made casseroles or salads reveal that you are prone to party at home. An empty fridge defines the miser or carefree nature of the owner.


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